Our mission is to bring the passion and sport of paddle boarding to Utah.

Paddle boarding is the fastest-growing water sport in the world. It’s fun and makes a great hobby. It is a great activity for people of all ages, easy to master, provides a great workout, and can be fantastic for relaxation as well.

Around the world, yoga paddle boarding is growing in popularity, races are happening more often, and prize money is increasing. We didn’t want Utah to miss out on all the fun, especially with so much great water to board on. But don’t just take our word for it, come try paddle boarding for yourself.

At Jack Paddle, we rent boards starting at $39 per day with a selection of the highest quality SUP boards available. We offer training so you can stay safe and paddle like a pro. We also have boards and accessories for sale. As an authorized Riviera Paddle Surf dealer, we have access to all Riviera products and can get you whatever you need. Our 2016 models come in stock soon. Visit our shop in Provo and order board today to start your adventure!