Rent a Paddleboard

If you are looking for an activity to do on a day adventure, a fun date, or a family outing, renting a paddleboard is a great option. Renting allows you the convenience of trying out a paddleboard until you are ready to purchase your own. We at Jack Paddle offer a selection of high quality paddleboards that you can rent for the day.

Take our board to nearby Utah Lake for a test spin, or rent one for a longer vacation. There are many locations here in Utah that are ideal for paddleboarding;  Lake Powell, the Green River’s Labyrinth Canyon, Mirror Lake, the Deer Creek Reservoir, or Flaming Gorge, and standing on your paddleboard will give you a great view of both the water and the beautiful scenery.


Our shop is located at 120 W Center Street in Provo, Utah. Stop by and rent a board.



Tips For Transporting Your Paddleboard:

home_surfing_board_3You can transport the paddleboard in a pickup truck or minivan that is big enough to safely carry the board inside. But be aware of the measurements of the board you rent. Most vehicles, however, are not that big and will require you to transport the paddleboard on a rack on top. Luckily, almost all vehicles have mounts where racks can be attached. Here are some basic guidelines on securing your paddleboard to your vehicle:


Securing an SUP on Crossbar Mounting

  • Place the board on your vehicle with the fins up. (It doesn’t matter which end is in the front). It may be easier to stand the board up against the back of the car and slide it forward.
  • If your car has crossbar mounts, you should use two tie-down straps (10’ to 15’ long) to attach the board to the mount. Loop the strap under the crossbar and then around the board. If you twist the strap it may help get rid of annoying vibrations from the wind as you drive.
  • Make sure to move the buckle towards the top of the rail snugly, and gently, to avoid damaging the board.



If your car doesn’t have crossbars, you can still transport a paddleboard.

Vehicle with top runner mounts but no cross bars

  • You will need two closed cell foam blocks with rubber or latex on the bottom so that they do not slip or fall out.
  • Just position the board so that it is balanced on the two blocks, and then loop the straps under the runner and around the board.


Vehicle without runner and cross bars

  • You will need a soft rack to place on the top of the car. Secure it in place.
  • Slide the SUP on top of the pads of the soft rack and tie down the board.


Be aware that the board can put an extra load on your vehicle and will cause wind resistance while driving.